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I am the author of five books: Multimedia and Virtual Reality Engineering; Music Engineering; and Newnes Guide to Digital Television all published by Newnes and available here. Music Electronics and is available here and The Needle-drop Handbook is available here. I am also joint author of the new Audio Engineering – “know it all” series from Newnes.


Here is a description of my unique guitar speaker simulator circuit; for musicians wanting to record that "overdriven" sound at home.

Here is a copy of my article in Electronics World Magazine which describes a visual monitoring tool for 5.1 audio mixing and broadcast.

Information of modifying the Quad 33 pre-amplifier for first-class audio results

In Memoriam - The Wireless World Colour TV Receiver

The Foster-Seeley discriminator analysed (from Electronics & Wireless World)

Current Dumping Explained (from Hi-Fi World)

Ambisonics White Paper

A New Decoder for CD-4 (Quadradisc) Phonograph Records. Brice, R. J. Audio Eng. Soc., vol. 67, no. 9, pp. 679–690, (2019 September.). DOI


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